Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Plan

This looks simple enough:
  • Remove two upper cabinets
  • Take out 4 feet of wall, brace and rebuild the opening
  • Tear out carpet, install tile flooring
  • Install new lower and upper cabinets
  • Run circuits and install new lighting
  • Install new granite counters
  • Install and plumb prep sink
  • Paint & window treatments
  • Hang new TV
A couple weekends work ...

The reality is that some problems and questions will need to be addressed before getting started.
  • Removal of a bearing wall section. The section is about the same size as some other openings in the wall. It will be reinforced with a 12" beam as they were. "A no brainer" my structural engineer friends say.
  • Utilities in the wall section being removed. We got very lucky. The only utility problem in that wall section is a heat duct supplying HVAC to the second floor. I think it can be moved over a couple studs by rerouting a duct in the basement and running a duct along the top of the kitchen cabinets back to the existing ducting in the ceiling joints.
  • There could be some deflection of the dining room floor from the granite countertop dead loads. I've been advised to double the floor joist's at the bar area.
  • Plumbing for new sink. We got extremely lucky again. There are existing water and drain runs in the wall in the exact area of the new sink. The drain line will not need to be moved and the water lines only shifted over one stud.
Please identify other problems and suggestions in the comments.

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