Saturday, January 17, 2009

Major progress on Friday

The objectives for my day off yesterday were to place an order for granite and to provide information to my cabinet supplier to allow them to prepare a quote. I got those done and much more.

We arrived for our 10:00 a.m. appointment at Granite Resources slightly early. We knew what we wanted and immediately placed our order. While waiting for the paperwork, I noticed a sign for a free sink with any granite order. This is what we were looking for - we can also check "buy new sink" off of our to-do list.

That took all of 10 minutes. Our next appointment was at 13:00, so we decide to drive to the tile store to look around. That takes us past Home Depot where we stop to look at paint and faucets. We find a store-brand faucet that we like right away and buy it. Mrs. Headless also picks up some paint color swatches.

Next stop is Floor 360 to find a tile to go with our granite and cabinets. It didn't take long for the Interior Designer to find a ceramic tile that we liked, then it was time to find glass inserts for the tile corners. Of the thousands of samples, I started hauling over the ones picked out by the designer and placing them with our granite sample and tile. Within the first five we had a perfect accent and one of the paint colors from Home Depot matched, too. The designer will write up a quote (those little glass accents are priced at $18.99 a piece, yikes!). We still had time for lunch at Stolley's before the cabinet appointment.

After lunch we motor up to Riebau's Cabinets with our original (1993) cabinet plans and and a cabinet door in hand. Our designer looks at the door and knows our cabinet style right away. She looks at the plans to confirm this and she sees her own handwriting. Although the cabinets will be custom made, we chose mostly standard dimensions. Between our new kitchen plans and the ideas we see in Riebau's showroom and on their website, we were out of there in less than 45 minutes.

Here's the summary of what we accomplished on Friday between 10:00 and 1:30.
  • Ordered granite
  • Picked out a (free) sink
  • Purchased faucet
  • Picked out tile and accents
  • Chose a wall paint color
  • Lunch at Stolley's
  • Established cabinet specifications
We are ready to start the hard work now.

I forgot. We also found lights that we like at Home Depot, too.

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