Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More looks around the kitchen

We are not done yet, but here are some more views of the new half of our kitchen.

Our buffet/hutch is supposed to look like a piece of furniture, instead of a kitchen cabinet. There are oak psuedo-supports that will be mounted on the ends to help with this visual effect.

The two chairs by the window will be our "Starbucks area," for sipping coffee and tea in the morning. We still need to find a table to go between the chairs. Do you think the color of the chairs works with the rest of the room?

A look down my bar, er, our eating surface. Seating for five, although it's a tight squeeze to get by the wall mounted TV.

Our new prep area and wall oven. That lower granite slab runs seamlessly through the wall into the original kitchen and wraps around onto an existing cabinet. Our granite installers did an outstanding job.

More pictures will be up later this week.

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