Saturday, February 14, 2009

Finally moving forward

My carpenter starts work tomorrow, so I had to get some plumbing completed for him to start. My plumber moved a gas line today to accommodate relocating a ventilation riser after the wall is opened up. He also will need to relocate the water pipes before the wall can be taken out.

My goal for tomorrow's carpentry is to remove 2 kitchen cabinets, open the wall and reinforce it with a new header, and build a knee wall to support the granite as it passes between the two rooms. Preparations for the heating duct move can also be made by the carpenter. My HVAC contractor will reroute the heating duct this week to get air flowing again to my daughter's room.

Once that is completed, my electrician will wire the new kitchen area and install outlet and lighting boxes this week. When all of that is done, drywall repairs can begin.

Then we wait for our cabinets to be built, finished and delivered. That will take 4 to 6 weeks. I had some sticker shock on the cabinet pricing, but they are being custom built and will exactly match the existing cabinets. So we will bite the bullet and have them built.

Hopefully I have some photos of our progress tomorrow.

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